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Why You Should Join Us

We started Greg Mat+ because we found the test prep world confusing, expensive, misleading, and inaccessible to many. We pride ourselves on offering students an honest, practical, and entertaining approach to test prep. Best of all, it's cheap -- just $7.99 a month. Come join us!!

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Live Classes

At least 10 Live Classes are held each week, so you never feel like you're missing the action.

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Recorded Classes

We have a huge back catalog of live classes for you to learn from and never worry about missing a live class again.

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Problem Solving

25 Mini GRE exams and nearly 1000 practice problems!

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Study Plans

Confused where to begin? Prefer to follow a structure? Follow our meticulously crafted and super comprehensive GRE study plans!

Upcoming Classes

Study Plans

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One Month Plan

If you're pressed for time but still want a comprehensive, structured approach to the GRE, then this is for you.

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Two Month Plan

If you've got all the time in the world and want a true deep dive into the GRE, then this is for you.

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TOEFL Study Plan

Prepare for your TOEFL exam in only two weeks!