The GRE is tough. Maybe a new perspective can help.

The Mission

I’m not a fan of most test prep. It’s expensive, dry, and concept-heavy. Even worse, much of the industry relies on self-written, unofficial practice questions, which frustrate more than instruct, which lead astray more than guide.

Maybe there’s a better way. Maybe we can approach test prep and the GRE from a different angle.

And maybe, in the process, we can raise a few scores.


“Once you realize the GRE is a game to be played (and beaten), anything is possible.”

— Some guy, somewhere, at some time


Using the Site

My YouTube channel is notorious for its lack of organization. This website is an attempt to rectify that stinging rebuke and give test takers a central place for my GRE prep content. You can access most of the stuff by clicking on ‘Learn GRE’ at the top in the navigation bar. I tried to sequence and label the videos logically, giving you somewhat of a path to follow. If you’re new to the GRE, I recommend starting with the ‘About the GRE’ section.


“You’re not choosing the perfect answer…you’re choosing the best one.”

— Guy who loiters at the local shop

The CEO on Mars

The CEO on Mars


sentence equivalence pairs found


passages simplified


numbers chosen


The Score vs Skills


The score is — of course — paramount. We take the test to get the score to get into a good program to get a good job to get a high salary to get a nice house to get respect.

Yet you might find that, in the course of learning GRE, you acquire skills that can be applied to other areas of your life. You might look at things from a different angle, harbor a bit more suspicion, reason things out more critically, write more cogently, add more quickly, and read more carefully.

Who knows…you might even have fun.

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See my thought process

In many of the videos, I explain aspects of my thought process as I solve problems, including the following:

  • why I eliminate answers

  • why certain answers are ‘traps’

  • what the author’s main point is likely going to be

  • what ETS hopes I do rather than what I should do

  • which strategy or strategies apply to a particular question

  • And more…

How I take the test →

We didn’t defeat the British by choosing the right answers. We did so by eliminating the wrong ones.
— George Washington