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One Month Study Plan

One Month Study Plan

NOTE: This study plan is being "retired" in favor of the NEW and IMPROVED One-Month Study Plan (Version 2.0). If you're just beginning your GRE prep or are still in the early days, I recommend switching to the new one.

If you're deep into this plan, however, it's best to go ahead and finish it.




This was long overdue. Many people have asked for lessons plans and we finally got our act together. Here is the first one: a one-month lesson plan.

Now, before you begin, let’s talk about what this lesson plan assumes:

  • That you have 4-6 hours in your day for GRE study

  • That you are looking for a well-rounded exposure to the test (Verbal and Quant)

  • That writing is important, but not nearly as important as Verbal and Quant

  • That you realize a one-month plan cannot possibly cover everything there is to know on the GRE

I know this study plan is robust and intense. It’s okay if you don’t get to every little thing in it. Just take on what you can manage and do your best to get that well-rounded exposure to the test.

Most importantly, have fun everyone!

Day 0 (Preparation)

Day 1 (Quant)

Day 2 (Verbal)

Day 3 (Quant)

Day 4 (Verbal)

Day 5 (Quant)

Day 6 (Verbal)

Day 7 (Diagnostic Test Day)

Day 8 (Quant)

Day 9 (Verbal)

Day 10 (Quant)

Day 11 (Verbal)

Day 12 (Quant)

Day 13 (Verbal)

Day 14 (Quant)

Day 15 (Verbal)

Day 16 (Quant)

Day 17 (Verbal)

Day 18 (Quant)

Day 19 (Verbal)

Day 20 (Quant)

Day 21 (Verbal)

Day 22 (AWA)

Day 23 (AWA)

Day 24 (Quant)

Day 25 (Verbal)

Day 26 (Quant)

Day 27 (Verbal)

Day 28 (Quant)

Day 29 (Practice Test)

Day 30 (Review)