Greg MAT

Two-Month Study Plan

Hello! Thank you for trying out the 2-month plan. And thank you for being a GregMat+ subscriber. You rock. With that said, before you begin, I wanted to address a few potential concerns. 

Yes, the plan is very intense. Some days it may seem like there is more content that can be addressed in a reasonable timeframe. Remember that the videos can be watched at a faster speed (1.5x or 2.0x). Also, you can use your judgement to determine whether you should skip or watch a certain video. For example, if you're a mathematician by trade, you might want to skip most (or all) of the math videos. 

Second, the current structure of the plan has you learning Quant and Verbal on the SAME day, If you'd rather learn Quant on one day and then Verbal on another day, you can simply do two days' worth of Quant on Day 1 and two days' worth of Verbal on Day 2. Rinse and repeat. 

I hope you guys enjoy the plan! We will of course be making periodic edits to clean up anything that needs cleaning. 


Two-Month Q&A Session with Students


Two-Month Office Hours